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1.) facebook.com/Hughes.Cygnus.Health.Wellness

     This is Renee's Professional Community Facebook page where she and Jeanne Cygnus, IBCLC, RLC - place motivational & inspiring quotes, stories of survivors of all kinds of trauma and how they overcame that to be in an entirely different place in life. They also put up a lot of music as nothing is as inspirational, and it is the language that we all understand. Medical articles on the coming - edge of medications, procedures, natural or alternative remedies, and new understandings of the human mind and body and how to treat so many illnesses are also highlighted. They love to have people post statuses on these or related topics, or to make comments on what they've read. Everything is, however, based on mutual respect, and where everyone can feel safe sharing their feelings and thoughts, without the fear of negative reprisal.

2.) CygnusLactation.com

​     This is the website of the clinic which Renee is associated with and where her office is located. The website is available, but is currently under construction, so please check back to see it when fully completed. They provide the technical maintenance and database for her clients. They are on a "need to know" only basis in order to execute their roles and any session content is not revealed in the capacities they provide services for "Our Journey Through Life". The Clinic, owned by Jeanne Cygnus, RLC, IBCLC - sells lots of fine products for pregnant and new moms; including wraps, bras, breast pumps..... and provides complete Lactation Consultation Services with Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants only for the highest of quality services. 


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