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Renee D. MURPHY-HUGHES, M.A., LPC (NC) providing  Life/Relationship MajoCoaching, Major Transitions Consulting, and Parent Education Services.

​     Helping people to motivate and focus so they are able to set measurable and achievable life, career, and personal goals, while maintaining their own personal mental hygiene. While working to achieve one's goals, it is important to avoid stress accumulation and its effects, which is a major deterrent  to meeting those goals.  

Clients will also learn how to break down their goals into smaller objectives which will make reaching the overall goal more achievable and sustainable.  Using healthy life strategies is always part of the plan..

The services at​ Our Journey Through Life  also educate parents of infants through 18 yrs of age on positive parenting principles,  bonding and attachment, effective discipline, and normal childhood development. A lot of work with moms, dad
s and families is done over the transitioning and adjustment period after the birth of their baby.

Effective interpersonal communication is an essential part of succeeding  both on the personal and professional levels,  and will be included in your coaching/educational plan. Your sessions will be tailored specifically to your needs, learning style,  and aspirations