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                       ​TERMS OF SERVICE 




​     This agreement comprises the whole of the TERMS OF SERVICE, PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT between the Coach, Renee D. Murphy (Hughes), M.A., and (Please Print) _________________________(otherwise known as the Client) along with the "Levels and Services and Fees" and the "Service Agreement", both also on this website and to be made an official part of the binding agreement between the Coach and Client. All content of the sessions shall be kept private as allowed by law. The Coach's IT and Billing Departments may have access to general information only in order to carry out their roles as part of these services. It should be known that this Coach is a mandated reporter, and therefore under the following conditions, she must make a report to the proper authorities and to the person whose life may be in danger if that person is known:   1) if  Court Ordered by a Valid Judge's subpeona - not a lawyer's.  2) If there is suspected child abuse. 3) If there is suspected elder abuse. 4) if there is suspected danger to self or others.  

     The goals of the Client will be written out on a separate Client Goals Sheet and that will be used to drive the course of the sessions. These may change as the sessions progress and the Client learns more about him/herself, so adjustments will be made as necessary. If this adds onto the number of sessions, the same fees would apply as written in the "Levels of Services and Fees" on this website, which is printable and to be signed by the Client and returned to the Coach prior to the start of sessions. The section on cancellation policies, Client's responsibility of notice to terminate  contained in printable form under the "Services Agreement" section of this website. By signing below, the Client is agreeing to these terms. The various venues of service are laid out on the "Levels of Services and Fees" section, and the fees for each venue and the number of participants is quoted and will be considered current. These will apply unless a different agreement has been arranged between the Client and Coach and has been put into writing and signed by each party. Fees may increase at the Coaches discretion to keep up with the cost of inflation. A Client may choose to use a combination of altering venues and will be charged according to how each one is priced. All sessions are 60 mins except for family sessions which are 75 mins. The minimum is 30 minutes.  It is the option of the Client to purchase one session at a time, or to purchase several sessions to reserve that day and time in advance.  

 This shall be agreed upon in writing. The terms of early termination on the part of the Client is covered under the "Services Agreement". 

     Homework exercises will be provided to enhance the Client's Coaching experience at no cost to the Client. However, any book or other material recommendations if purchased, would be at the cost of the Client. In order for a Client to make progress on their Life, Health & Wellness Goals....and/or Parent Education skills and knowledge, it is e

expected that they will complete the assignments given them by the Coach. This will show the Client's active interest in affecting change, good-faith, and full-participation in the Coaching process. By signing below,(Initials) _________________________, also known as the client, understands and agrees to the terms of of this agreement, referred to as THE TERMS OF SERVICE, PRIVACY, AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT  and THE LEVELS OF SERVICES AND FEES and the SERVICES AGREEMENT, which are  inclusive to form this document in full. 

Client's Name: (Please Print):____________________________________    Client's Signature: ______________________________________  Date: ________________________

     There is important Information to know about the client-coach/educator relationship before entering into services. The most essential things every client should know about regard the extent of privacy and confidentiality that the Coach needs to abide to under the law or could be sanctioned for. However, there are some circumstances where a Coach may be a mandated reporter. A client should ask about that. My form will be specific on that.

     Right from the beginning, before the client has their 1st session, during that 'assessment/getting to see if you feel you click with the Coach's personality and want to proceed process', is where any expectations on either part needs to be discussed and if agreed on then put into either the Privacy, Confidentiality, and Ethics Contract, The Levels of Venues and Fees Document or the Services Agreement. It should include the frequency of sessions, fees, length of sessions, venue of sessions (which may change after testing out what seems to work best for the client), what the goal(s) of the session(s) are, missed appt terms/cancellation policy, etc.  
    The Coach can guide you and provide you with the knowledge and skill set to clearly define your goals and assist you
in maintaining the motivation to achieve them, plus explore what may be standing in your way of doing so. Each client will be given supplemental assignments or reading, generally in combination with practice skills to do between sessions to enhance the quality of their experience. If a client is sincerely wanting to make whatever changes needed to reach either their personal or professional goals, then as a part of that commitment is to do the work in the present. The exercises....will benefit the client long after coaching is over.  The commitment to follow-through should also be written into the agreement to maximize the most successful outcome. 

     I have provided my Terms of Service, Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement below so that a potential client (most importantly a phone/internet client who will not get to see me in-person to complete it) can read it, discuss it with me before signing, then print, sign and either fax it back to me or scan it into your computer and e-mail it back, or return by mail. I will provide you with the fax # upon request. I have found that printing works the best when done with the "+" more options feature & when the page is set to landscape.

    I hope you will find this helpful.  ~ Renee