Issues about  finances, po​or communication, and differences in parenting styles are major causes for anxiety & tension among couples  today. When one is anxious it is difficult to find the motivation to do the things that will make a positive impact on helping  to solve the problems at hand  or get to the next level.          Parents may need some coaching to help develop healthy patterns of interaction with their children.  Children are a blessing, but can also present challenges at any age. There are several different combinations of families today, including single parents, and education and support is something most all of us could benefit from. 

​       College students may be looking toward future career decisions and opportunities and coaching might be just the thing to  give them that extra knowledge or skills to get the job they desire.

        Even people that have been comfortable in their employment may be looking toward taking a whole new direction, and need the encouragement and strategies to do so. There are others who just feel stuck in their jobs and want to move forward, but need some direction on how to start that process.


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     Many people may suffer with clinical chronic depression or anxiety (GAD), prolonged grief & loss, trauma, Post-partum Depression, PPTD, fears that may be debilitating, Mood Disorders  such as Bi-Polar Disorder which can be managed, Thought Disorders, and/or Personality Disorders.   Some may suffer from addictions - of which there are many. They may based on a genetic causation or environmental, or likely a combination of both. These struggles and mental health issues need intervention by a trained Mental Health Professional. Often some of these concerns or diagnoses respond best when the client has a Treatment Team that makes sure the Client has the mental health supports, social supports, financial supports, and treatment methods - whether medical or holistic and/or in combination with pharmaceutical resources as appropriate and needed available to them..  

     Additionally relationship/marital issues, family dysfunctional  dynamics,  finding one's meaning in life and purpose are all things that can be explored in Counseling. 


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       Renee D. Murphy-Hughes M.A., FPT, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


 Hi. Let me tell you about my  education, background, and experience over the last 25+ years, and I believe you'll  be confident in speaking to me about your life, mental health, effective communication, and/or parent educational needs.

My education was a bit unusual and I benefited from it greatly. For my 11th year of high school, I was accepted by the Rotary Club National Exchange Student Program to go to La Paz, Bolivia. I  acclimated to their culture, attended school there, and became immersed in their language - Spanish. It was an exceptional experience living in what then was considered a third world country, and adapting to living a lifestyle foreign to that which I was accustomed to in the USA. When I returned, I passed all my New York State College required Regents Exams. Only lacking my credits in Senior English and Social Studies, I was accepted into a private university through an early entrance program offered by United States International University (now called Alliant). I finished up my high school credits there, earning my high school diploma while completing my college freshman requirements simultaneously. I also was accepted on a full academic scholarship to the university, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. It was a small school at the time with a very low professor to student ratio. Americans composed only 10% of the population; making it an excellent place to meet people of various ethnicities, and have a more global and multicultural experience than most. 

While in Bolivia, I had my first professional education experience teaching English as a second language (ESL) to people from various countries. Although I worked my way through high school and college, I entered the professional work force with my B.A. in Psychology - Magna Cum Laude, and a Master's degree (M.A.) in Counseling. I also earned my credentials in Guidance Counseling/Education (P.P.S.) at 21 years old. I later became certified as a Family Preservation Therapist, Multi-Systemic Therapist, and earned my license as a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor. I am now living in the state of Wisconsin, and am working via my Licensed Professional Counselor Credential in this state.

My work experience ranges from providing phone support to moms with infants from birth through 3 yrs old on what was referred to as a WARMLINE. I also taught Mommy-n- Me classes educating parents of 1-3 year-old babies & toddlers in child development while also encouraging them and coaching them to participate in age-appropriate games and music with their children to enhance bonding and to engage with their toddlers in age-appropriate stimulating experiences for their children's mental growth. Furthermore, I taught on the pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school levels, both in regular education and special education in public and private schools, in both predominately Spanish speaking and English speaking areas. Furthermore, I taught Psychology 101 on the Community College Level and coached students on various professions in mental health and the different ways to get to one's professional goals. 

My work experiences were carried out in both Spanish and English, depending on the predominate language of the students and/or families. I worked with and advocated for At-Risk children and teens and their families in the School System, with Probation Offices, in the Courts and with the Department of Social Services - Child Protective Services by educating, counseling, and coaching them on appropriate behaviors and societal expectations to stay out of out of home placements, jail sentences, and expulsion from school. I attended and vocalized at decision making meetings and court proceedings on their behalf attesting to what I felt and could document what was in their and their family's best interests - always staying faithful to the ethics of my profession, which is to do no harm. I advocated for them and made sure they were aware of their rights under the Juvenile Justice System, as well as the Parents' and Students' Educational Rights protected by state and national laws (specifically Public Law 14-192 which most parents are not aware of). I prepared them for court, school, probation and other hearings and decision-making meetings. In addition, I made recommendations to all three of these major entities.

 Parents were often unaware of much of what they needed to know, and unfortunately were often misguided or otherwise did not have their rights protected. I was there as both their advocate and Counselor, and provided counseling and referral information as needed. This work comprised much of my Family Preservation Services and In-home venue of services. Communication between parents and the child, as well as between parents was generally broken, and I counseled the clients' and the family's on how to actively listen and speak in a way they could be heard. Once communication was established/re-established, the families could then go on to address the behavior problems and form other reachable objectives and goals.

I have also counseled both individuals and couples on effective communication skills and the core principles of communication, as well as in other venues, such as public venues and professional communication. Within my practice, I additionally coached/counseled adults who had issues in the work-place, and worked together on finding the best solutions for that client. I also worked with teens and adults with ADD/ADHD and coached them on behavior management, time management, and organization in compensating for the symptoms of their diagnoses.

I taught Jobs Classes and coached graduating students in how to enter the work force. Our concentration was on building their resumes and portfolios, interviewing skills, and Job Shadowing to increase their chances of permanent employment. I also coordinated services with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, when indicated, to help build graduating students' skill sets.

A major commonality between counseling and coaching is that both set goals and break those goals down into measurable and achievable objectives so one can see their progress on reaching their goals. Both are best if "client driven", "strength-based", and "solution focused". They otherwise have different functions and the professional needs to know and be clear on the distinction.

I hope you contact me to see if we are a good fit to work on your personal or professional goals. 

Thank you ~ Renee